Tree Services Bankstown, Tree removing Campbelltown


  • There are many ways to remove a tree, but generally we climb the tree and lower using rigging systems, ropes, pulleys and a lowering device called a friction drum.
  • We specialise in the removal of large trees in difficult access areas.
  • We remove trees close or intangled in overhanging powerlines and electricity cables.
  • All tree removal is in accordance with Australian safety stardard.
  • We are fully insured (20 million public liability insurance).


  • We specalise in the removal of stumps in difficult access areas.
  • Stumps can be a hazard once tree has been cut down, therefore should be removed.
  • Stumps can remain if there are located in garden beds and away from pedestrians and children and walk paths or driveways.
  • Stumps should be grinded below ground level to avoid  hazards.


  • Cherry pickers are generally used when tress are close or intangled in power lines or the tree is  unstable and couldn’t be climbed safely without risk to the climber. Branches have to be removed in small pieces, hand held by the chainsaw operator in to the bucket and lowed down safely.


  • Cranes are generally used when the situation does not allow removal by any other way,
  • Large dangerous or awkward trees
  • Trees close to buildings or homes.
  • Trees that are diseased and have become hollow as a result and are dangerous to climb.